Totally freaking nervous as F****

June 21st, 2006 → Leave a comment

I’m here! Just blocks from the beautiful Public Theater. I’m so nervous! My face is on the poster with Jerry Quickly! Tonight is my NYC debut!!! A huge milestone in my life happens tonight.

I am doing my piece “Checklist” which uses projections and the seating isn’t too conducive (thrust stage) to seeing the projection which is the basis of the whole piece. I’m feeling so intimidated that I am here.

This theater is so beautiful. I was looking at the posters for all the shows that have been here. Man! What a dream.

Oof, it’s a pain to do shows in NYC. You have to bring all your crap on the train with you. Last night I was dragging my roller bag 8 blocks through Manhattan, 8 blocks through Brooklyn, and up and down stairs. It was a world class pain in the ass. And Colleen lives on the 4th floor of her building! No elevators. I sweat through everything by the time we finally got home. We had to stick a fan in the window to get some air going. I slept without sheets.

This morning, I bought an overhead projector from the Manhattan Staples for the show which will get returned later and I lugged a cart that I packed from LA, all my props and costumes on the train. Luckily the Staples is only 3 blocks from the theater, but I have to figure out how I’ll store this baby until I can return it tomorrow. How do people here put such amazing theater together without cars to lug all their stuff?

I am getting really nervous.

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