The Man of Jury Duty

June 19th, 2006 → Leave a comment

Helena says she misses my old blog. I must say Blogger is a pain to navigate. Wes Kim who set this blogger up for me… are you out there? How can I make this more easy to navigate?

I also got called into jury duty. Need to think of why I am not a good candidate. Here are some reasons I can tell them.

— I smell like poo your honor.
— I wash my own pads your honor.
— I’m a super leftist your honor who loves chinks and am a chink but don’t call me chink–that’s racist. (This is a reference to a Sarah Silverman joke that got her in trouble.)
— I can’t speak English your honor even though I got my BA in English Lit.

Me and some friends went to Kip Fulbeck’s “100% Hapa” exhibit at JANM. What fun. Asia Carrera is featured in it. I screamed out loud “OH MY GOD! ASIA CARRERA!” in a very quiet museum.

The best part is we got to be in it. We had to take our photo and answer the question “What are you?” My answer of course was totally insincere and evasive.

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