I’m coming to NYC next week!

June 16th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I guess I need to take a break from spamming hot pictures of me on Helena’s motorcycle all over myspace to tell you all that I have a show in NYC next week! At the Public!

Here’s the info, I also posted my calendar on the events page of the site.

Hip Hop Theater Festival 2006
Wednesday, June 21
7:30PM – Mainstage Shorts
The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street, off Astor Place in Manhattan!
Tickets: $25 regular, $10 students & seniors, group discounts available
Buy Tickets and read more info at http://hiphoptheaterfest.com/

A Night of Excerpted Works Featuring some of NYC‚s most talented playwrights and performers from the hip-hop generation.
Shorts by Keith Josef Adkins, Jennifer Cendaña Armas, Chastity Dotson, Edwin Lee Gibson, Kenichi Ebina, the Winner of Voices on Blast Competition and ME! Kristina Wong!

(I’m doing 15 minutes of my show “Free?”)
Free? written & performed by Kristina Wong — With more street cred than you can shake a pair of Hammer pants at, Kristina Wong swoops into the NYC Hip Hop Theater Festival to riff on notions of freedom in times that would make Joe McCarthy gasp. Excerpts include a satirical homage to “save the world in five minutes” spoken word, a Flashdance tribute, and an explanation (or un-explanation) of why she prefers life in the almighty closet.


In other news, I am putting together the first draft of this novel. Vince wanted to see more pages of it to get a shape of how the story unfolds in order to think about screenplay adaptation. That was motivation enough to get chugging on this. FINALLY I AM GETTING TO WORK ON SEEING HOW ALL THESE CHAPTERS COME TOGETHER! I hear writers average eight extensive drafts before the final one comes together. Sometimes it’s as much as twenty. That sounds about right. This book ain’t in pretty shape yet. Good images but I deperately need to lay this all out and take it all in.



I’m at the bottom of LoveCraft’s testimonial page with my url. I’ve already been taking calls about the car from as far as Germany (from this big music star named Dahlia!) and was even contacted by a friend who lived with me in the dorms at UCLA. All these people are really interested in how my car works because they want to buy one too. I did an interview with the LA Weekly and NPR too! I’ve only had this car for 2 1/2 weeks. By next month, I’m sure to have a TV pilot!

My hands and arms hurt so much yesterday! The combo of stress, crochet, and typing really did them in! I need to really lay off the knitting and crochet. I did buy a sewing machine off Craigslist. A White 2999. But the seller forgot to give me the pedal and it didn’t come with a power cord. So I have to wait for her to settle into her place in Virginia and mail them to me. But the machine was only $20 and it’s a $300 machine! Woo woo!

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