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June 9th, 2006 → Leave a comment

My partner took me out to a birthday dinner last night at a Mexican Restaurant in the neighborhood. Vince called me as we were walking down there to tell me how awesome my novel looks so far. Vince is the only friend who has seen chapters of my still unfinished novel. I’ve been so shy and very insecure to share it. This meant a ton to me especially because I respect Vince so much and he reads a lot of fiction. I invited Vince to come eat with us so I could have my ego stroked over dinner. We got each other really excited as we talked about adapting this still incomplete novel to screenplay.

I was screaming, “Yes, Sundance! Then Cannes!”

But what was even cooler about yesterday is that my partner said he would buy me a sewing machine for my birthday. Yes! I actually want a sewing machine. I’ve always wanted my own sewing machine to make costumes, presents and stuff, but now I feel that I actually have the motivation to start and complete some simple projects. And so much stuff that people wear now is really simple things that have been reconstructed or have a few flourishes sewn on. The kind of stuff I see and scream, “I can totally make that! If I had a sewing machine.”

And after being a junkie, I think I have some ideas for simple projects I want to take up. I’ve also been making gifts for friends, and feeling so good about it. My favorite item from childhood is a yellow quilt my mom made me (it’s getting kind of ripped up in my apartment over 20 years later). I have so many memories of that blanket and being comforted by it. I made a few blankets this year (one for my partner’s dad and two for some babies) and it’s nice to think that they might follow people through their lives and give them so many nice memories. I like looking at the stitches and thinking how that time I spent on them is captured in those stitches.

The other night, I watched this documentary called “Go Further” where Woody Harrelson rides around in a biodiesel bus with some friends through three states to promote sustainable living. It’s funny how many people call him “Woody Allen” the whole time. Woody Harrelson rides in a bike alongside the bus and they all eat raw foods and talk about how milk has pus and blood in it. (Of course, I was simultaneously cooking clam chowder as I was watching this.)

But anyway, as super preachy as the movie was, it made me really glad that I’ve made some of the choices I have lately– the veggie oil car, the cloth pads, being a fish eating vegetarian for over 15 years (though the seafood thing was only a recent addition a few years ago), bike riding and walking more over driving, making things for people instead of buying, and now sewing my own clothes. I’ve been happier than I have ever been in my entire life lately and it really comes down to learning to live on less and find happiness in simple things. I’m really learning, as I think I figured out early on, that having expensive things and “stuff” can be really stressful.

So I’ve been doing a little bit of research online for a sewing machine. You can buy a lot of stuff on Craigslist for under $100 but those are used and have no warranty. And then there are a lot of really cheap machines at Walmart (gasp!) and decently priced ones on ebay.

I’m trying to spend less than $200 for a machine that will last me forever and will eventually sew heavy duty things like fake fur, denim and vinyl. It would also be cool if it did lots of cool stitches including the elastic stitch.

It’s quite a hunt trying to find a good machine, so if anyone has leads or advice, please offer them, as I am new at this Susie homemaker stuff.

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