why are strait jackets so expensive?

June 8th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I gripe about the high prices of strait jackets because just yesterday I was invited by the REDCAT to be part of their NOW Festival this summer. What a dream come true! An amazing opportunity that crashed right into my lap! Am I busting up with good luck these days or what?

I need the strait jacket to take a press picture for “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”– they needed pics so last minute and I had nothing for this current show. I had to send them pics from me dressed like Miss Chinatown and from “Free?”

The flimsiest strait jackets are like $40! Diana and I will shoot next week and we are taking filmic photo inspiration from movies like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” The pics will be too late for their brochure, but will be great to have on hand for the shows I’m already lining up. Check my events link! I can’t believe how busy it got so fast. I’m already scheduled into next year and it’s only June!

Who knew going so public about mental illness would be the best career choice ever?

What a great birthday I had! The show went over so well and the reception was a really fun affair out by the garden. So many friends were there for me! My fellow workshoppers surprised me with a cake! My birthday, June 4, always seems to fall on the same day as a banquet or a big event and never ever have people turned around and surprised me a cake! Oh wait, yes, they have, never mind. But anyway, it was a great surprise. I held up my cake and screamed, “I’d like to thank LA County for never returning my phone calls when I was desperately in need of mental health services! It is because of them, that I became a performance artist! Thank you.”

Look how cute my friends are.

The arm of my mysterious boyfriend is behind me. And the beautiful fruit tart in front of me!

And now, pictures of me and Helena sitting in Mandy Moore’s car!

Helena and I are two gals with mischief on our minds. We were checking on our cars last week at LoveCraft and decided that we would pretend we were part of Mandy Moore’s Entourage and impress you all with our close proximity to celebrity/ Hollywood BS. Here I am being sneaky as pie as I make my way to the driver’s seat of her car.

And here I am with my hands on the same steering wheel that Mandy Moore puts her little pop star turned actress hands on. Oh yeah!!

Here’s Helena busting a move in the passenger seat.

“Yo, I’m with Mandy,” Helena says.

And here Helena proves that a woman with a stationwagon is damn sexy. Pack those dogs in that car girl!

My car has been so much fun to show off! Today I took Vince for a ride and also my friends Ryan and Joan. They were so impressed by me. Showing the car off at the show was a lot of fun too!

Anyway, back to writing these dirty horoscopes for Playgirl! Hey! Nobody sent me any suggestions for horoscopes. Wah!!!

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