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No longer do rising gas prices affect me!!! Because from here on out I’m fueling up with homegrown oil at $2.60 a gallon. And what’s best is it burns cleaner, smells funnier, and we don’t have to go to war to get it!

Indeed what you see above is not an optical illusion. It’s me actually driving this pink car that I own and I’ve been talking about all freaking month!!! I drove it for the first time just hours ago and drove it right off the lot. It’s like a big Barbie Army Tank. This mother is FREAKING HEAVY!!!

That’s right baby! I got me a MERCEDES BENZ. I believe there are at least 5-7 rap songs that apply to me now as an MB driver!

Now sure… there’s more miles on this one that my last car. 172K to be exact. But this is actually considered pretty low mileage for a car from 1981!

I got all dressed up in pink to pick up my car! I’ll probably wear this outfit all week!

They are so busy over at Lovecraft that I had to take a lot of my own pictures.

Here’s how we fuel up….

First we screw an empty gatorade bottle with the bottom cut out into the tank…

The bottle is the funnel. Next we slowly pour the oil from the five gallon jug into the bottle.

Bob, the mechanic insisted on filling up for me because the boxes were so heavy. Too heavy for a girl like me. He did let me pour some of this oil in the nearly empty box out though for the pictures. (My freaking shirt is falling off. Oh well, whatever it takes to make the planet cleaner. If I show a little skin, so be it.)

Oops, a little spill. Go get some steak! There’s enough for grilling!

I look at my car and I am brought back to memories of Reaganomics.

I think I may have a future as an import model after all. When the “Girls of Biodiesel” Calendar comes out, they will have to let me be Miss June since my birthday is 4 days away.

And just look at the view from the driver’s seat!!! How elegant, yet sophisticated.

Here’s Helena’s car which if worked at the same rate as mine was, should be ready in the year 2010. A stationwagon! It’s going to be a great car for her dogs. And the honeys.

Aw yea! Let the adventures in non-petroleum driving begin!!!!

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