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Finally! More than a week after my show closes and I can finally recap!

Well, let me start off by telling you that I am currently wearing my cloth rewashable menstrual pad. My Aunt Flo came yesterday to my surprise and now I’m using these babies sooner than expected. Unfortunately I only own two. After I posted about investing in my first two cloth pads, I never got to buy more! They are kinda expensive. So I am going to have to either hit the laundry on an hourly basis or crawl to the man at Sav-on and get some disposables. I haven’t decided yet. I guess I need to figure that out soon.

To recap, I originally bought these thinking how eco friendly it would be and how the experience would make great fodder for a performance art piece or essay.

I was also intrigued by this description on the Lunapads website…

“Yeah!! I am so thrilled! I know that I must be crazy when I get excited about a menstrual product. Lunapads make having periods fun!”
– Susan M.

and this one from the Gladrags site…

“I have found that with each cycle, I become more aware of who I am as a woman and how grateful I am to be one. GladRags has enabled me to give a little more back to Mother Earth each month. My medicinal herb garden is incredibly bountiful from the monthly offerings I give her!(rinse water from her pads) …”
– Jennifer T.

All these cloth pad using women were raving about how nice it was to be connected to the moon and shit when they wash their pads. So I thought, what the heck? Let’s see if goddesses start visiting me at night and if trees start growing taller all around me if I too start washing my own pads.

So far it’s been a big mess. These pads have buttons and not adhesive so they slide up and down like an elevator on my underwear. I went to check on my progress this morning and it looked like a freaking murder scene. Blood everywhere. The pad decided to kind of twist and curl up on me and not really absorb but just “catch.” And then I proceeded to wash the first one and I didn’t feel closer to my womanhood, more like– nauseous.

It is a lot more comfy though. And it does make me smile to look down in my unders and see these funny patterns looking back at me, even though as the hours pass, they are harder to discern under the layer of… you know.

I did take pictures of my houseplant “before” watering it with “blood water” (supposedly plants grow like crazy when you water them with the water used to clean the pads, a la “Little Shop of Horrors”) and in a few weeks I will take the “after” picture. Already, I notice that my plant looks a little more upright. By tomorrow I am sure it will coerce me into killing the local dentist for more blood.

Anyway enough about periods– the show! the show!!

So the show was an absolute success! And nobody questioned my street cred! People stood up after and most importantly, I felt really really good about it. A lot of my friends who live up in the Bay came out, so that was excellent.

My director, Randee Trabitz and I worked so hard on every second of the show and the execution felt almost flawless. I even found myself improvising a lot with the audience and even worked this drunk woman in the audience into the whole show. “Can someone stop the drunk lady!?!” I screamed out at one point.

I really thought I was done with “Free?” and ready to retire it but looks like I may be ready to tour it again in the future.

What was really fun was working in the new sections. The “Department of Homeland Suckurity” was a preshow “pat-down” of the audience. We used eight performers from the local Bay Area community in the show. I, of course, was the head officer and made sure to do super invasive checks for “weapons of mass destruction” on some really good looking audience members.

What was super fun was this big musical finale we did at the end. I was really stretching the definition of “hip hop theater” by adding a half naked guy to the dance and all these big cops.

There was a Q&A after and a woman in the audience asked me, “So what do your parents think of your work?” My folks were sitting right behind her. I said, “Go ask them! They are right behind you!” Then I screamed out to the whole audience: “Mr. and Mrs. Wong Ladies and Gentlemen!” My dad and mom stood up holding hands with their fists raised up. The crowd was screaming and clapping for them. It was so awesome.

And now I am going to NEW YORK CITY!!!

After years of trying to crack the “how do I get a show in New York City” code, I’ve finally gotten my first invitation to perform at the Hip Hop Theater Festival at the Public Theater in Manhattan! I’m performing on June 21!!!

Above is Kamilah Forbes and Danny Hoch! Kamilah is the Artistic Director of the NYC Hip Hop Fest. She’s also a badass. She saw my show in Berkeley and the next day, she invited me to be part of the line up! So freaking awesome! I’m so psyched!!!

It was also really awesome to meet Danny. He’d come to one of my classes when I was an undergrad. He is a superbly successful solo performer and writer. Like me, he got a Creative Capital Grant this year. So I’m in amazing company.

I had so much fun hanging with all the cats from New York who were in the Bay Area for the festival. Danny shared his spaghetti with me.

Stargazing in Los Angeles

I’ve been back all week but was hosting my SF friend Claire, so that’s why I didn’t get much time to write. She wanted to do the star maps thing. I never did it before. It is so depressing to see how rich people are living in this town.

Here is where I could have lived if I was blond, had fake boobs, an inverted sense of self-worth, and wasn’t so easily affected by women’s studies classes! The Playboy Mansion!!!

Here’s Tobey MacGuire’s house. It overlooks the whole city. Freaking seabiscuit.

And of course…. the Veggie oil car!!!!

My car is just hours from being finished. They put in a stereo and had to do all sorts of adjustments. They are putting a new dashboard on and I should be able to pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning!

I went to visit it for the first time. Now I know what it’s like to have a wet dream…. the car had some bird poop on it, but it still looked so good.

This is Brian who owns the lot.

Is this paint job sweet or what?!!

Here is the converter inside the hood.

This is Mandy Moore’s car. She is promoting a movie now and hasn’t been able to pick it up. It’s a cute car but mine is better.

Will post pics when I pick this baby up!!!

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