Si se puede! Rallies are fun!

May 2nd, 2006 → Leave a comment

I sound like a total valley girl as I write this but rallies are fun! I thought rallies were dumb when I was in college and could never get with it. But being part of today’s rally, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of families, working people, and people united for human dignity was so profoundly moving. It was not angry people being angry together. It was people with hope for a more dignified life, marching together. Being a community together.

I ran into so many friends just by accident. For the first time in a while, the American flag was not a symbol of ultra right wing evangelical fear mongering, but was actually something I could get with and feel proud to stand under.

(Here I am with Marcus. He was marching since that morning from Downtown.)

We are a nation of immigrants. A speaker asked for people to say where they represent. He went through a list of countries and people cheered if their origins were from there. Then he said, “China?” I was the lone “Yippee!” in my part of the largely Latino crowd. It felt weird to claim, being 3rd/ 4th generation and feeling more Korean, if anything, lately. But yea biotch– CHINA! That was me!

(I ran into my friend Jen Brown who is in the new film “Americanese.”)

(One of my favorite writers, Noel Alumit.)

I must say that if you do a rally in LA or anywhere, I do recommend a bike. You cover a lot of ground quickly and squeeze in the “alternative transporation” political agenda in by default. All these people were taking pictures of me and my bike! It was so awesome to see fellow cyclists. Especially the lowrider bikes! Cyclists have such a great comraderie at events like this. They would start up conversations with me as we went by each other. Give the tacit hellos over the handlebars. I rode my bike almost all the way home from the rally (I needed the bus to get me through the dark non-sidewalked parts of Beverly Hills and Century City.)

(Says the sign: “God created a world without borders.”)

I got teary when Mayor Villaraigosa took the mic and said, “We are all the children of immigrants. We all have come here to work and work towards the American Dream.”

(And now… my American Dream is to meet all the deadlines I am behind on because I was celebrating the American Dream!)

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