Like Lady MacBeth I’ll be…

April 27th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I did it. I bought the cloth menstrual pads off of a seller on (A site where people sell homemade stuff.) In approximately three weeks, I’ll be bleeding all over these babies…

This one is called, “Red, White, and Bled all over.” There is a similar one called, “Don’t cry over spilled blood.”

This one is called “voodoo doll.” It’s intended to be a voodoo doll for capitalism. The idea being that I will indirectly menstruate on corporate America when I don’t give my money to the chemical using pad companies. Oh Yeah. Wall Street will get a dose of “Carrie” when my cycle hits next.

There are quite a few sellers who make cloth pads. I was into these because they were handsewn and really funny conceptually. It’s too bad that once I start using these, that I can’t really share my laughter with anyone– I can only describe it.

I’m not going to make it through my period on two pads (though I hear it’s been done), so I’ll have to buy more. It’s an expensive undertaking. But already I feel like there is granola running through my veins.

I am going to try to do a short film on the whole process of using these. (I’ll do video simulations with ketchup and a prop pad so my audience doesn’t get as nauseous.) I don’t think it’s going to be pretty. But a great way to see if a modern feminist gal in a modern age as this can do one little thing to prevent diaper rash and leave a tinier imprint on the planet.

My superactivist friend Anida says I can have the “World’s Greatest Activist Award” if I can pull this off with the veggie oil car.

I also found out I am getting $3300 for my piece o crap car that really now is a piece of crap. Not bad. I don’t know that I could have sold it for that much otherwise. Not in this market.

It’s nuts trying to find a car that I can convert to Veggie. Because old 80s Mercedes Benz are the only cars that you can get affordable used, and being one of the few cars that run on diesel– they are really at a premium. Most of the MBs that are affordable seem to disappear the same day they get posted! Some people are selling MBs with more miles than my Buick for over 4K. Freaking crazy.

I called the folks at lovecraft in Silverlake, one of the few, maybe only, places in LA that does biodiesel conversion. They said that they sell converted cars but are currently oversold and keep a waiting list for people who are waiting for cars to arrive. They have a car now that’s an old MB 300 SD. It’s $5300! Yikes! I am really counting on the cheap/free oil to make the investment worth it. Lovecraft actually plans to have a pump soon with waste veggie oil. Only $1.50 a gallon to fill up! I’m there! And they are working on “delivery” systems to get oil to drivers.

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