Knitta Please!

April 24th, 2006 → Leave a comment

I found a new favorite guerilla art project. Vandalism by yarn!

I love it. I feel so archaic that I haven’t done any fresh bad ass guerilla art in so long and I am totally too pooped to join the myspace craze and whatever the f technology craze there is.

While I wait for the insurance company to call me back, I will post some of my latest projects.

Here is a baby blanket that took less than a day. It’s for my friend Joan who had a baby a few months ago. I used a big hook and three strands of acrylic in a triple crochet stitch. It was fast and easy. I think I’ll make a few of these to bust through my cheap acrylic stash! I think the key is the color combos. Pick the right colors and it looks that much better.

and here is my personalized tag…

This was a great and easy project.

My friend Eryn Ramirez from high school is now a mom of two and does home loans. She also just bought me a book off my amazon wishlist!

Eryn is so awesome, I am so proud of her. We grew up just blocks away from each other. She wanted me to let you know that she does home loans all over California, even LA. I am several decades away from buying my mansion in Malibu, but am looking forward to hitting her up for some home loan money. We have a high school reunion coming up this year. Everyone will have a kid and a spouse. Except for me, living in sin and working as a performance artist!

Because she was so generous to give me a gift, I made her this beautiful neck warmer. It was supposed to be a scarf but I was running out of yarn. It was my first attempt at flowers or a neckwarmer.

It looks kind of like a neckbrace here, but it’s really cute, I swear. Here’s another angle of it.

Yay Hipster DIY gifts!

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