Want to see why Los Angeles keeps me here?

April 9th, 2006 → Leave a comment

My father called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that he had met people who had seen my commercial. He said in an urgent voice, “Let us know as soon as you see it.”

I don’t quite understand why he doesn’t understand that I don’t get any TV stations and would never know when it airs. Nor do I really care when it airs. He’s been down here on many occassion. He knows, I think, that I don’t really watch tv. I’m too busy working on my big bad ass touring career– what should really be making them excited.

“Let us know as soon as you know when it’s going to air!”

It’s like this commercial to them, is as important as a baby, or something really life shaking, earth shattering. And somehow to my family, this commercial is greater than any other accomplishment I have ever achieved. Why? Because it’s on tv. The greatest human validator of them all.

Watch what makes my parents so proud. What makes every hellish day in Los Angeles living so worth it.

I am the power. The glory. The eskimo on the far right.

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