Kristina WAS a GUEST STAR on ER!

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In the spirit of lame self-indulgent actor sites, I thought I would create a page dedicated to my brief and wordless appearance on ER in early 2003. I am slowly collecting pictures of different people watching me portray the role of the “RECOVERY NURSE”— a challenging character for me. I believe I portrayed her as compassionate, loving, and sincere. The “Recovery Nurse” is dedicated to fulfilling her job and serving the community with compassion and grace.

Do you have pictures of you watching me on ER? Send them to me!

Here is my mom watching me on ER. She’s so excited because the image quenches her fantasy that one day I will enroll in med school.

Here my mom smiles with my image as the camera pans away from my face forever. She smiles as if proud to say: “This is my daughter, and she is going to be a doctor.”

Here are my friends Dave and Ari who I forced to sit this close to the TV to watch me on ER.

Here is Ari pointing to me on the screen. She wants to be close to me. As if to say, “That’s my friend and she is so famous.”

Here is my friend Dave, blushing because he knows me and I am so famous.

The black beam on the TV that covers my face is a metaphor for the pain and trauma that flows through the life of the hospital.

Here is a shot of me pointing to my hand which enters the frame. The bare hand in frame is a metaphor for the hand of compassion that the medical staff offers the hospital patients.

Watch as Ari tries to reach through the screen, much like the compassion of the staff reaches through all the people who come in through the doors of the hospital needing help.

Here in LA, my glamourous 13″ TV/ VCR combo with Radio Shack antenna becomes the vessel for fascination for my friend Patty.

My performance is so real that Patty tries to talk to me through the screen.

And even though I try to play as compassionate and sincere a role as possible, Patty recognizes the sex appeal I have when wearing scrubs.

Kim Char is transfixed. He cannot believe how famous I am.

My Oscar worthy portrayal of the “Recovery Nurse” has him awed, shocked, and reeling for more.

He attempts to reach through the screen because for a moment he forgets that it is just a TV show. The acting is just that good that he thinks there is a real person there.

At once the image of me as the unconditional loving RECOVERY NURSE transforms into a Christ-like icon, that he must kiss and be humbled by.

Miles watches me with the lights turned out to see how Poltergeist-like my performance can be.

My performance has multiple layers and levels and can have dramatic or horror like effects on the viewer.

Miles believes that I am a real person there and tries to see if he can peek behind my ear as if it is in 3-D. The performance is just that real.

Randall Park, famous comedian and actor on Fastlane is humbled to watch my award winning performance. He takes notes on how he can be a better actor by studying every millimeter of my portrayal of the recovery nurse.

Randy savors those last lingering seconds of my hand leaving the frame. A forever memory he will cheerish and tell his children about.

World famous fashion designer and Karaoke champion, Sky, relocated to Los Angeles from Oregon to be closer to my famous self. He points to my image much like the Apostles of the Bible did when Christ was resurrected.

Roger Fan, star of MTV Films’ “Better Luck Tomorrow” is truly struck by my acting chops, and must remove his glasses to wipe a tear from his eye. He watches the screen shaking his head and muttering, “Brilliant, simply brilliant. In fact, more brilliant than that movie I was in.”

Roger is reminded of the compassion of his mother with the grace I bestow on the screen. “This is the greatest acting class I could ever imagine. This is the greatest acting class I could have hoped for. Thank you Kristina, for sharing this moment with me,” he says continuing to shake his head inbetween spurts of thoughtful laughter.

Oliver, dirty cat and king of felines, is silenced by my daring performance that has crossover appeal to all creatures of the Animal Kingdom.

Livia, former Miss Chinatown San Francisco and Rose Ball Pageant Queen, and her dog Cassius are awestruck by the raw emotion of the moment. “If you ran for Miss Chinatown Kristina, you could show this clip for your talent portion and you’d win the pageant instantly,” Livia utters with complete sincerity.

Even though the camera has panned away from my image forever, Livia insists that my presence is still there on her television screen. She points to my imprint that remains forever like the sacred imprint of Jesus’ face on the Shroud of Turin

My high school classmate, Annaliza who is an aspiring physical therapist treats my performance as an actual medical practicioner’s training video. Annaliza must watch many videos as part of her training to become a physical therapist. She mistook this performance as coming from the video chapter entitled: “How to treat your patients with sincerity, kindness, and above all, humility.”

Matt Abaya, horror filmmaker extraordinaire, a man who mind you has seen it all is shaken with fear at the tension that my performance creates between the two doctors standing beside me. “Even though the doctors may be exchanging the dialogue, it is you Kristina, who rips our attention away from them and brings us into the subtext of the dark reality of this hospital. This scene revolves around your presence more than anything else,” he says while clutching the television for dear life.

Gennifer M. Hirano, asianprincess, retired burlesque dancer, educator, performance artist, and photographer is also brought to her knees by my performance. She begins to recite hail marys before realizing that she is not in a church before God, but in my parents’ den watching me portray a compassionate recovery nurse on TV. “Excuse me Kristina, it was such a religious experience, I lost all sense of space and time.” She then cries and tells me about her mother, because of her mother’s compassion that my performance is so reminiscent of.

Recovering from her initial spiritual revolution, Gennifer comments at how good my hair looks.

Norm, my DSL repairman, came into my house and said immediately, “I used to work in Bel Air where I would fix the DSL of some very famous people. But I get the premonition that today is the day I fix the DSL of someone more famous than shit.”

I proceeded to show him this clip of me on ER and he said, “Even just listening to the vibrations of the performance gives me the power to fix DSL faster and better than ever. Thank you for this gift my child.”

Bernard, my neighbor and future urban planner watches my clip and thinks aloud, “If only the urban planners of the world could see what I see now! They would build more efficient cities, faster bullet trains, more environmentally sustainable means to dispose waste. We could prolong the life of our natural resources. If the urban planners of the world could see what I see now, they would, in short, build a better world.”

Then a tear fell down his cheek.

Todd, a very famous political satirist and webmaster of a famous but unnamable website, points to my image and declares, “This. This inspires me. This is an almalgam of the world’s passion, love, hate, anger, and sympathy rolled into one stunning performance. It is Christ. The Savior. Salvation…And goddamn you have really nice hair in this shot Kristina.”

Mike Closson, one of my favorite movie directors says, “Now if only this clip was available in times of pre-colonialism, then perhaps we could have stopped the Europeans from colonizing the world. This clip demonstrates compassion. This clip could have taught them to love and share the wealth. But most importantly, it would have taught them to aspire for a better world. One without violence. One with a great spirit.”

Yessica, my visitor from South America, who flew in just to see this clip in my home screamed, “Dios Mios Es Jesu!” at the sight of me on the screen.

I am not sure what it means, but I have never seen a woman cry with such joy.

Marcus, a visitor who came all the way from Germany on a pilgrimage for the now famous clip, demands to watch the clip with the lights turned out.

“I don’t need to watch this performance with the lights on,” Marcus says, “for the light of your performance is all the light I need in this world.”

Then tears fell down his cheek much like the crying Madonna statues.

“This journey was worth it. I can now build a greater world now that I have seen you on ER.”

Amos, a famous Victim’s Assistant from Texas, came all the way to my place to view my image in ER. He was stunned silent and then uttered through tears, “Howdy, Kristina. This is better than a rodeo!”

Amos recalls a famous Texan proverb while my image plays and it goes like this: “He who drills oil, becomes rich. He who rides horse, performs in rodeo. She who is a recovery nurse on ER, is immortal.”

My neighbor Jeff came by and said, “Hey Kristina, I heard you were famous and on ER. I showed him this clip and he said, “Holy shit! I had no idea that someone so famous lived near me, I think I will have to move as I don’t deserve to live so close to someone so famous. I think I am going to move to hmmm…. I know… Rochester, NY!. until I become worthy of being your neighbor again!”

Jeff watches with enthusiasm as my hand passes through the frame. He says, “I am a father of two, and never has the image of a single hand passing through the frame taught me the compassion required to be a proper and loving father. Thank you Kristina, thank you for this gift.”

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