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Question: “Kristina, if you were to choose one place to spend the rest of your life, where would it be?”

My answer: “A karaoke bar.”

Karaoke is the art that connects all people.
It makes stars of the pedestrian.
It gives power to he or she that would not have it.

It gives people a voice.
It makes song the language of humankind.

And in this section of the site I want to share my message with the world.

My friend Tuan told me that if I got dressed up like Axl Rose and got him some pics of it, that he would try to hook me up with this MTV photo book gig. He said that I would have a good chance at getting it. So it was the busiest weekend of my life and I squeezed out a couple of hours to go down to the Karaoke place and sing these songs for tape. But of course, I didn’t look like Axl enough, so they didn’t use me, and all I have are these silly pics to show for my effort.

This was a flyer for a Karaoke party I was going to host a few years ago, except I got diarrhea that night and had to bail. In this picture, I have blonde hair. I used to have blonde hair you know. This is at the New Japan Restaurant at Sawtelle and Santa Monica. They used to know me by name there. Probably because I was such a good singer.

I am an alto. So these are my favorite songs to sing.

Welcome to the Jungle/ Guns N’ Roses
Cabaret/ from Cabaret
Don’t Rain on My Parade/Barbra Streisand
So Quiet/ Bjork
Fame/ Irene Cara
From a Distance/ Bette Midler
Livin’ on a Prayer/ Bon Jovi

I’ve been trying out Missy Elliot songs out recently. I give her props. Her songs are not easy to sing at all. She goes really fast.

I like Karaoke Yuu Yuu on Sawtelle, because they have a happy hour where it’s only $3 per person per hour before 7pm. They don’t have the cheese videos, which means they have all the songs on text only, and it’s very up-to-date!

I am available for hire at your next karaoke party. All I require is a karaoke place with a decent selection of Barbra Streisand and Guns n’ Roses. And some fish chips to eat during.

After my May 2003 show at the Taper, I went to Karaoke and blew out my voice because I could.

When in love, I recommend taking your loved one to the Karaoke room and serenading him/her with a song about how they make you feel. Here I am serenading Kim Char. I am singing “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin.

Lyrics from that song:

When my soul was in the lost-and-found
You came along to claim it
I didn’t know just what was wrong with me
Till your kiss helped me name it
Now I’m no longer doubtful of what I’m living for
Cause if I make you happy I don’t need no more
Cause you make me feel, you make me feel, you make me feel like
A natural woman

In San Francisco at Ding Dong Karaoke on Post, I called Kim Char on my cell phone to do a long distance serenade. I am singing Mariah Carey’s
“Without You” to him.

Here I am with my SF friend Howard singing a Jefferson Starship song. I am trying to sing like old Grace Slick.

Lyrics from that song:
Let them say we’re crazy
What do they know?
Put you hand in my hand baby don’t ever let go

In October 2003, history is made when I improvise Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” with a live band (Thomas’ Apartment) accompanying my stellar performance. This was for the Club O’ Noodles 10 year anniversary. But in that moment, it was my moment to shine.

My audience screams hysterically, some women remove their clothes, and my old lady sequined shirt and matching hat never looked more delicious as I thrust my pelvis into the mic stand with pure raging adrenaline.

I was alive. I was on fire.

I knew ever since I was a young girl singing nursery rhymes that I had an intense gift for the song. Tonight was no exception.

The crowd lost all sense of time and space in the fury of the beat. We forgot our problems, our fears, and what made us mortal.

With my music, I gave everyone the ability to soar.

Fly high my eagles. Fly high.

Led Zepplin is denied one night on Sawtelle where at a room rental rate of $24/ hr, we must make a tough decision and cancel singing “Stairway to Heaven” halfway through the song because it’s costing us some serious dough to sing such a long song.

Sorry L.Z., I guess we can only sing you during Happy Hour when it’s $3/hr per person.

Here I am with famous filmmaker friend Jennifer Phang. I can’t remember what the heck we are singing. But I will tell you one thing– It sounds good.

Notice on my face, as depression lifts away and happiness sets in.

I am pretty sure my talent for the song is hereditary. Here I am with my dad. This is back in college. We sang “Que Sera Sera” for all my friends. He passed the singing gene onto me.

We are at New Japan on Sawtelle. They have since removed their karaoke machines. Probably because it is almost sacrilege for someone with less talent than me to even touch the machines.

Call me a site specific artist, but I know useful props when I see them. Here is a fan that is onstage at Oiwake. I used it to make me look like one badass singing mama.

Thank god for long cords on mics. I bring my audience even closer the the godessness that is my song.

Here I dip my head back 45 degrees and replicate Barbra Streisand with the utmost serenity and passion.

The fan is between my feet and blows gusts of wind and spirit, charging my voice to sing with fervor and passion.

I climb onto the tables at Oiwake to sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” right into the faces of those eating and drinking beer.

The Power. The Glory. The Voice.

Here Diana and I sing a rare duet– Lady Marmalade.

The energy between us shakes the crowd up to stillness and awe.

QUESTION: Kristina, your talent on the mic is undeniable. Why not turn that talent into something lucrative by entering Karaoke singing contests and winning cash prizes?

ANSWER: Let me ask you something. After Jesus performed miracles for the people of Jerusalem, did he then say, “OK, that will be $8.75.” No, of course he didn’t. He’s Jesus. He’s the son of God, and he recognized that his miracles would not be sacred if he exploited them by demanding payment. Same with me and my gift for song.

Here I am jamming on Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” proving that not only can white people rap and make it in hip hop, but so can I.

Actor James Lee backs me up.

Very few people are allowed to share the stage with me. Because my presence is so strong that sometimes rays of energy shoot out from the mic and paralyze those who dare attempt to match my vocal quality. This is a rare picture of me sharing a stage. Yi Lin is one of the few women who has received my blessings to share the stage and sing “Welcome to the Jungle” alongside of me.

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